The products we use are highly efficient at killing fleas quickly (within 48 hours) and have a lasting effectiveness of 1 month in cats and 2 months in dogs. The reasons that you are still seeing fleas are (in order of likelihood):-

  • 95% of fleas live in your home environment and only 5% on your pet. These environmental fleas will continue to hatch and jump onto your pet and die even after you applied the initial treatment. By persevering with the VetBox schedule you will get rid of the environmental infestation.
  • To destroy the environmental infestation quicker we suggest a house spray such as Virbac Indorex that kills the environmental fleas for up to 12 months. The spray treats the average-sized house and costs £15.
  • Use the products regularly – with VetBox we take care of your pet's schedule so all you have to do is apply it as soon as it's delivered.
  • You need to treat all the cats and dogs in your home, treating just one won't help as all cats and dogs can act as a host for the parasites. We give you 10% off each additional pet.
  • You need to regularly vacuum to remove the flea larvae from your carpets and furnishings as well as your pets bedding.
  • Wash your pets bedding on a high temperature and only with very mild detergents.
  • You may be applying the treatment incorrectly.